Good writing is invaluable!

Workshop business writing

In this writing skills workshop you will discover how easy it is to write structured, clear and error-free texts. And, especially, the unwritten message such writing conveys about your company: reliability, professionalism, self-assurance.

For who ?

For company staff that regularly write business texts and send business emails. For foreign-language trainings, CERF level B1/B2 is required, for Dutch language trainings, a completed higher education for native Dutch speakers.


English, German, Dutch. Other languages on request. 


The language trainer will discuss your wishes with you in an intake interview. Your entry level will be determined by a writing test. The business writing workshop can last several days, depending on your entry level and learning goals. The workshop is from 09:30 to 16:30, with one hour for lunch. There are 3 to 6 participants. The workshop is given in-house at your company and is geared to actual practice. You will work with authentic materials from your company such as letters, memorandums, press releases, brochures, emails, presentations and reports. All company materials will be treated confidentially and will not be used for any other purposes.  

Opening and closing lines
Style and structure
Spelling, particular grammatical constructions,
Common expressions
How to analyse texts
How to strike the right "tone of voice" in letters and emails
Useful sentences and phrases
How to recognise and avoid "false friends"


In a short time you will learn the rules and conventions of business writing. Your business letters and emails will be clear and correct. You are aware of grammatical pitfalls. Your business writing skills have improved significantly.  

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