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Business language training: Flex

You export products to Germany. Visit a trade fair in England. Present your company in France. Want to learn Dutch. Consult with your Spanish partner. 

We can prepare you for all these situations and more. Flex language training focuses on your dealings with international business partners. Here are just some of the skills you can learn in the target language:


getting acquainted, requesting information, acquisition, guided tour, telephoning, presenting your company, presenting your product, discussions, meetings, negotiations, conference call, placing orders, purchasing, selling, quotations, social talk, relating to customers, complaint processing, exchanging technical data, explaining processes, expanding your vocabulary with professional jargon, logistical, financial, commercial, legal or medical terminology

Reading emails, reports, contracts, websites, brochures
Writing emails, letters, contracts, quotations

We also cover etiquette in the business world abroad. 


Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Other languages upon request.  

Language training

Flex business language training is from 20 hours in total and from 2 hours a week, for 1-8 participants. For example: 20 weeks of 2 hours, 16 weeks of 2.5 hours, or 13 weeks of 3 hours a week. 


With sufficient attendance and application on behalf of the participant, a 40-hour language course at Commerce Talen guarantees one higher CEFR level.

Tailor-made courses

We provide customised courses, not standard courses. That means the trainer adapts the course to suit your job, needs and learning goals. It's flexibele training that is given in your company. That saves you time. You choose, in consultation with the trainer, the day and time for your language course. You can even bring materials from your work place. Any business information will be handled confidentially and not used for other purposes. After the first few lessons, the course is evaluated and adjusted if necessary.  


For beginners, we have guides which divide 400 common words and phrases into chunks of useful language.  There are accompanying CDs to aid pronunciation. 

  Dutch   German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
  English, French, Polish          Dutch

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