Do you speak the language of your clients?

Workshop Conversation

Your succes in business will increase as your contact with business relations improves. More knowledge of business conventions and etiquette will help you interact more smoothly with your contacts. The workshop concentrates on improving your language skills quickly and on learning how to interact with international business relations. The workshop will quickly improve your language skills to help you present your company, its products and its vision with conviction.       

For who ?

For co-workers who engage in discussions, presentations, meetings and negotiations with international business partners. The required language level is B1/B2-CERF. Your wishes will be discussed and your entry level determined in an intake interview with the language trainer, by telephone.       


German, English and Dutch. Other languages on request. 


This is an interactive workshop, with 3 to 6 participants. The workshop lasts 2 x 3 hours, with one hour of lunch. The target language will also be spoken during the lunch hour. The workshop can be arranged for one or several days in-house at your company. You are invited to contribute materials from your own company. All company information will of course be treated confidentially and will not be used for any other purposes. 

Introduction: getting acquainted
Grammar, verb tenses, avoiding the pitfalls
Useful and frequently used phrases, differences in business culture and etiquette, do's and don'ts
Meetings, product presentations, company presentations, negotiating, discussion through role play, practice-based exercises, your own business cases


You can express yourself more clearly and effectively in the target language. With more assurance, conviction and confidence. You are better equipped to formulate your position and to actively participate in the discussion. You can give a company or product presentation with greater ease, and you are better equipped to respond to questions and comments from the audience.   

Participants' reactions to the workshop: "Very useful, a lot of information in just one day. Quite intensive, but that's why it's so useful". "A well designed training. The questions I had submitted in advance were incorporated in the workshop and addressed extensively".

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