Do you speak the language of your clients?

Workshop business telephoning

Contact by phone with your customers is your company‚Äôs business card. There is no questioning the importance of a customer and result-oriented telephone conversation. Correctly handling any telephone call moreover testifies to the company's quality and professionalism.

Who for?

For anyone who regulary makes or receives business telephone calls: reception staff, customer service, help desk, secretaries, procurement and sales managers. For beginners to advanced speakers. Your learning goals and CERF entry level will be determined in an intake interview with the language trainer.  


German, English, French and Dutch. Other languages on request. 


The workshop lasts 2 x 3 hours. The target language will also be spoken during the lunch hour. There are 3 to 6 participants. The workshop can be arranged for one or several days at your company. You are invited to contribute materials from your own company. All company information will of course be treated confidentially and will not be used for any other purposes. 

Choice of modules 

In the practical part of the training, you will conduct a telephone conversation with the trainer which is recorded. The conversation played back and analysed with the trainer afterwards. This has proven to be a very succesful means of quickly improving the student's speaking skills. In this way you learn how to make business calls with ease. 

 Telephone conventions, do's and don'ts
 Making  and receiving calls
 Obtaining/providing information
 Dealing with complaints
 Making, confirming, changing appointments
 Placing orders
 Describing situations
 Leaving voicemail messages






You can express yourself properly and clearly over the telephone, in the target language. With more assurance, conviction and confidence. Your vocabulary is lager and your listening skills have improved.

Ask for more information without any obligation. 

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